Omaha, Nebraska's full time balloon ride business. Owned and Operated in the greater Omaha area.

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Dry Wall Finisher

 "Once you have flown, you will walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you long to return..."
 - Leonardo da Vinci

"I Love to Fly"

 flying over the Platte River with Sharon S.

Scenic Wind Balloon Tours

     Steve Lacroix, first became involved in ballooning in 1989 when his Commercial Pilot cousin, Jeff ask him to come help with some flights in CA. After his first flight experience, and seeing the joy that the balloons created with people he realized that this was sport he wanted to become active in. After many years of crewing for other pilots, in 2003, his dream of becoming a pilot was realized.  Many flights as the pilot and further training has earned him, his Commercial Pilot License and now he can share his love of flying with others. Steve is a drywall finisher by trade when he's not following his passion of ballooning.

Good Crew & Great sponsors   =  Great Out of Town Rallies.
Have Good crew & sled,
some snow won't stop him.           Reflections over Lake Z.
       Our "kids"                           Steve, Jenn, Ron & Tony
Contact us: 402-981-2048 

Celebration Celebrate Too     Scenic Breeze over Lake Flanagan 
 210 cu.ft  vs. 77.5 cu.ft   Steve & Herbie Husker   Propane Addiction's
new Nomax scoop

Our balloons are FAA registered aircraft which is officially inspected annually. Care is taken to maintain their excellent airworthiness status.
We currently have 2 balloons:
Scenic Breeze it holds 106,800 cu.ft. of air built by Kubicek Balloons of the Czech Republic. This one is made to look like the previous 2 we had made to order.
Celebrate Too which holds 142,000 cu.ft. of air when inflated. It's basket holds 7 passengers + pilot. Someone trying to explain the size in comparison to understandable terms as: Imagine trying to put 142,000 basketballs inside the envelope that is how big it is. It stands about 80 feet tall and manufactured by Kubicek Balloons.
Celebration. Designed by Steve from a balloon template and colored by crayons and was built by National Balloons in Winterset, IA. It held 105,000 cu.ft. of air. We retired this balloon in 2020 after flying it since April of 2010.
Propane Addiction was named for Steve’s love of the sport, and it's fuel source it was an Aerostar RX8, holding 90,000 cu. ft. of air, but was retired in 2011.
Second Wind was a 77,500 cu. ft. envelope built by Ken Kennedy of Broken Bow, NE and was Steve's first balloon. It was sold to a student pilot and now is retired from flying.

is the chief driver of the chase vehicle and has spent many years as chase crew after an introduction to hot air balloon flying  in Colorado Springs in 1993. She enjoys seeing others get to experience the joy of flight in a balloon.

    Our crew consists of many people in the area that enjoy being outdoors and helping with the set up, chase and pack up of the balloons. Many are members of the Nebraska Balloon Club. (


We have an A+ rating with the
BBB of Nebraska
  News release on why not to fly non-local. 
BBB report of why not to fly non-local ride.
Omaha from the West

 First & 2nd Balloon didn't fly together often enough.

            30' flame          Packing up Second Wind           "Atlas" Georg                     Patriotic Wild Goose

Contact us: 402-981-2048    E-mail:

                                           Elane's only son, Erik is currently serving in the US Navy.
                                        We, at Scenic Wind Balloon Tours are proud of our Military and what they do, but continually hope a peaceful world is in our near future.